RSeries Is Your Series!

A constant struggle in the life of a creator whether it is a writer, a digital creator or a social media influencer, is the task of coming up with creative content continuously. The struggle that we faced as an app, however, is how to beget said creativity from our creators, and channelling it towards quality content. A healthy nudge towards expanding their creative horizons was needed, and we thought what better way than to plant an idea in the creator’s head while giving them complete freedom in their artistic expression.


The idea started out with “Improvs”, a scenario given as a prompt on the Rizzle app, a situation that is relatable yet dreamy, for the Rizzlers to enact. The process of putting oneself in those shoes, and in the given situation, thinking about your reaction and further acting it out, would enable the creator to take a step further from merely talking about it. Improvisation, a term often used in Theatre for on the spot acting, is termed so because the actors find themselves in different situations and have to improvise their actions accordingly. Though inspired, the idea of Improvs on Rizzle provides much more creative liberty with the advantage of a digital platform, editing, the various in-app features that give way to more diverse content.

Upon running the Improv prompts, and receiving positive results from creators, we realized the untapped potential of providing Rizzlers a space to showcase their creative side. But how do you reach out to thousands of creators with an idea and make them interested in recreating it? When it hit us: it needs to be relatable! It needs to be something that they have experienced personally, or are at least familiar with. And what better than popular culture for this next project. Popular culture has a way of seeping into people’s lives and influencing their actions, albeit passively. It is impossible to avoid popular culture, especially on social media platforms, and we could not avoid it either.

Our first in-house attempt to try something new was the Rizzle “F.R.I.E.N.D.S 2020” which was recreated from our office here in India. The cast was from the Rizzle team despite quite a few of us being introverts. Never in our lives did we think we would ever attempt to do something so different but we still managed to pull it off by swallowing all the awkward feelings we had and to our surprise, the creators on the app reacted positively to the video, garnering over 21K views on it. After gauging the response to that video, we started brainstorming on how we can bring this to life so that the creators can also have a similar fun experience.


RSeries was born with the idea of bringing pop-culture to your living room. We sat down to create a list of some of our favorite shows, which are widely viewed as well. The list could obviously go on forever, but we managed to finalize a few series and started working on the execution. After a lot of team meetings and discussions, we decided to go live with RSeries contests, the first of which being, Stranger Things.

It finally panned out in the form of a series of contests as we see it today, where the biweekly rendition of popular shows are being binged again, and recreated with equal enthusiasm, by many Rizzlers.

From the very inception of RSeries, our main focus has been to promote more engagement on the app and to encourage our creators to make high-quality videos that lean towards overall positive vibes. We didn't want Rizzle to be a place to just talk but also a place where you can explore and give yourself a chance to be creative, as a protagonist, antagonist, director, stylist, and all things fun!


Executing the RSeries Stranger Things contest was a challenge for us as it is such a famous show all around the world and we wanted to generate the best creative content. But along with it being a super fun series, it features many intense scenes as well. We picked all the goofy, fun and iconic friendly moments from the series and we made sure it would be a creative challenge for participating Rizzlers. Since it was our very first RSeries challenge on Rizzle, we also wanted to see whether the participants could bring their own dash of improvisation and creativity on the app, and to our surprise, they did, and quite wonderfully so! The participants were able to meet all the criteria for the contest. They were able to create real consistent videos taking into consideration the costumes, props, and dialogue. If you didn’t know already, Rizzle is a 60-second video app with no filters. It’s really difficult to shoot videos for a web series as it demands a lot of commitment and dedication. It’s an intense drill to be able to pull the best quality video that you can possibly put out, that too 21 of them! So we applaud the creators who have done such great work!!

After the successful attempt with RSeries Stranger Things, we started to plan for our next series. The next on the plate was Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and we are currently live with FRIENDS and there are many more exciting contests reserved for the future. If you are reading this and want to participate in this exciting contest then you can register here for the RSeries - FRIENDS contest.

The other focal point of RSeries was to encourage the creators to come up with premium channels. On Rizzle there is no limit on the number of channels a single creator can come up with, and you can create any number of channels focusing on a wide range of topics from politics to pop culture or anything else that you would want to talk about. The key to becoming a premium channel on Rizzle is to create 21 videos within a week. If you have 21 videos on each channel then the other fellow Rizzlers on the app would be able to sponsor those channels and this also helps create more engagement on the app.

Campaign Summary

Every RSeries contest is mapped in a way that includes the following aspects:

  • Its a Contest: A call to action! To have active creators battling it for the best series recreation and come out on top!
  • Exciting cash prizes: As with every contest, prizes are a must! We believe in rewarding our Rizzlers for their effort and creativity!
  • Focus on acting/ improv: The theme of all RSeries contests, past, present, and the future; is all about improv and acting! So if you are a theatre enthusiast or just someone who devours pop culture, then the RSeries contest is the perfect creative spark you're looking for!
  • Contest duration: Initially the contests were supposed to run for a week each along the lines of its precursor the Rizzle360 contests. However, after executing the RSeries Stranger Things Contest, we noticed participants run short of time because not only were there simultaneous 360 Contests but also it was creatively taxing on Rizzlers! So every upcoming RSeries contest will be for a minimum duration of 2 weeks!
  • Journey prompts: The team at Rizzle has been meticulously active in selecting 21 journey prompts for every contest. We cherry-picked iconic moments from every contest series which could be easily recreated with minimal resources!
  • Evaluation criteria: For our ongoing contests, the Rizzle team is curating entries and selecting winners. But for future contests, we will be enlisting industry specialists to be the panel of judges. For picking out RSeries winners, the team has set out a benchmark so the process is fair. To summarize, the entries need to be high quality, relevant to the themed series, creative in terms of costume, props, setting, consistent, and compliant with the Rizzle Terms and conditions.
  • Winners: Usually winners will be announced within a day of the contest ending through in-app video announcements on Rizzle as well as on Discord, followed with personalized congratulatory emails to the winners.

All these themed RSeries contests are a build-up to the main RSeries Originals Contest which will be announced soon! We want our creators to get a hang of acting, directing and recreating on Rizzle so by the time Originals is announced, our creators are ready!

This was a story of how the team at Rizzle conceived another creative brainchild and we hope that this RSeries flagship product will gain momentum!

Stay tuned for more interesting articles on our future contests!